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Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid
There’s A Lot of Young, Healthy Servicemen Suddenly Dying in Their Bunks, and The Military Won’t Talk About It
There is something very odd going on at Fort Bragg.
Sign at Virginia Pediatrics Office to Student Athletes: “COVID Vaccination Affects Your Heart - If You Received Doses of Any COVID Shot” We Will Not Clear You “Without Lab Work”
Jackson River Pediatrics is located in Alleghany County, Virginia. Recently a patient took a photo of a sign posted at their office in Virginia. The sign reads: “Sports physicals are done primarily to make sure you are not at high risk for sudden cardiac death on the playing field. COVID vaccinatio…
The Thousands of Fetal Deaths Recorded After COVID-19 Vaccines that Nobody Wants to Report and that Facebook is Trying Hard to Censor
The most recent update of VAERS shows that there have now been 3,852 fetal deaths following COVID-19 vaccines. That’s a 3,525% increase in fetal deaths following COVID-19 vaccines, compared to reported fetal deaths following all FDA approved vaccines combined for the previous 30 years. And still, I…
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