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Assalamualaikum to All,

Our websites constitutes a new level of growth in the evolution of my work. Alhamduillah. It has thus far cost more than $35,000 to bring everything involved (people, technology and books) to this point. We are still learning and developing and are in need of your help to survive and continue the work of educating our online Jummah regarding the relevance of Islam to the occult methodology of the enemies of truth (NWO). Thank you kindly for visiting and considering membership. May Allah SWT grant you refuge and clear guidance.

Membership avails different privileges and perks. Some content is available to everyone, while some is not. If you cannot afford the more exclusive content, let us know and we will consider scholarship funds, if and when available. But be advised, more advanced learning requires a stronger foundation and the majority of readers are not prepared.

~ Dr. Omar Zaid

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