A Reminder of How Stupid Americans Really Are

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

Anyone familiar with the mentality of Jews, especially the hardcore higher-ups among them, including those in the Israeli government, knows that they regard all non-Jews as inferior beings whom  they are entitled to plunder, exploit, or kill as they see fit...

Remember the American-born Jewish spy Jonathan Pollard, who worked for years as a U.S. Navy intelligence analyst and was caught stealing thousands of classified documents and passing them to his Israeli handler and selling them to God knows how many other countries?  Convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1987, he was released on parole in 2015, and five years later was allowed to fly out of the U.S. to his beloved Israel, where he was greeted by Netanyahu right on the tarmac and given a hero’s welcome.

Through their control of the media, and the hypnotic effect on the American mind that they have perfected, the Jewish high command can make people believe just about anything.  And they can make it seem like the U.S. and Israel are indivisible . . .

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