A Great Liar Revealed

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

Let me make this very clear:  I do not reject all hadith .... However, I do reject them as a basis for the establishment of a principle foundation that supports Islam as revealed in Al'Qur'an ...

at best they are here-say ... if they align with Revelation, then all is good as adjuncts .... if one chooses to believe in them, that is a personal matter and has nothing to do with Revelation .... if they play out in terms of eschatology (as do many other statements regarding the so-called "end-times" drawn from other belief systems) that's also fine, but even this has nothing to do with Islam's Revelation per Qur'an because many of these things can be determined on the basis of reason alone once you understand the ARCANA of scriptural locution and the abrahmic/adamic dikhr , most of which is allegory (not all)  . . .  

The Shahadah, per Qur'an, has nothing to do with any of the prophets, and for me, that is sufficient and counts for salvation per good deeds based on this truth alone regarding here and hereafter .... all else is superfluous and even much of it is vain ... proof of the ummah's misguidance per hadith is everywhere in evidence ..... so I am admonished after years of struggle, to return to the Qur'an alone and to those companions of truth who struggle to correct it's mis-interpretations and mis-translations, which are numerous .  

Insh"allah, I invite you all to this same journey of revision and rediscovery ....   ~ dr  omar zaid

Live Webinar | 004
Live Webinar | 004 | Edip Yuksel & Dr. Omar Zaid

Omar Zaid

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