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Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

Greetings Dr.Omar,
Last week indictment has been raised against Marko, Natko and Lana, it's 48 pages long. The investigation is over now, they are all charged of incitement of terrorism (Marko is charged with TWO public incitements of terrorism). Now the next step is to put together the complaint to the indictment. It is proposed that Marko stays in prison during the time of the criminal procedure (indefinite amount of time) and that Lana cannot use internet to post on different platforms.

They're charging him of inciting violence, which is completely in opposition with our faith and a direct inversion of Marko's words. The regime is also attacking directly his wife and by extension his little children, causing stress and hardship to Lana's own family as well, for sharing Marko's words (NOT HERS!) of hope and encouragement and calling that terrorism.

They are charging him also because he puts God's law in the first place, before any human made laws. This should put the ummah (and the rest of the believers) to it's feet and enraged, but as you can maybe imagine, Muslim leaders here are silent as a grave about Marko.

I'm sending you new info for the bank account, since the previous bank refused to continue to provide its' services to Marko and Lana. Lana is also still blocked from her mobile network operator, so she had to buy a new number and use new phone that can't connect to internet.

Marko is exercising two times a day + a two hour walk, he is reading and praying and of course fasting. He has the respect of inmates and to some extent of the police officers, if we ignore the obvious truth of their work. He is enduring but emotional load is the hardest to bare.

I wish you all well in this blessed month... May Allah s.a.w. purify us, guide and protect us all for without that, everything is certainly lost.

Kind regards to you and your family,


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