A&E Nurse Shares The Truth

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

Fighting Over Patients

First and foremost, the whistle-blower nurse reveals, as many others have, that the hospitals were not at all busy during the height of the “pandemic” she says that

“During the first lockdown we were fighting for patients, we literally …, we’d be sitting there waiting, I’ll see to that patient, I’ll have that patient”

Tommo asked her “You’re a nurse, you’re surrounded by nurses, you’re saying that you’re fighting for people to go look at[..] as there were so many nurses compared to patients When you saw the TV screen what did you guys think as nurses”?

The nurse replied, “I wondered what on earth was going on, I wondered where these hospitals were because they weren’t the three that I was working in, it must be London but why would London be any different from anywhere else”?

She continues by saying that one of the hospitals that she worked in was supposed to be one of the worst according to statistics, “but it certainly wasn’t” she said.

Some Key Points:

  • According to the nurse most patients “sick with COVID” Grossly Overweight Obese people.
  • “News reports would have said “caught COVID” and that would have been it, it’s COPD, Chronic Asthma, Heart Failure, Kidney Disease. Diabetes….”
  • They were not ordinarily healthy fit and well people coming through the hospital doors with Covid.
  • 2018 was a lot worse than anything the nurse saw in 2020/21 she said that people with the same illness were put into a bay so as not to infect others, they did the same with COVID
  • Masks do not work and are only worn to appease the patients
  • Neurological effects seen after the jab.

Interestingly, the whistle-blower said that those who are not speaking out due to the fear of losing their jobs, were in the minority, the majority were actually going along with it, “following the crowd.” Although they know that there is something going on, the staff are “automatons” they just get on with their jobs.

Staff Are Not Allowed to voice opinions on Social Media

The nurse revealed that an email was sent to the hospital staff to advise them that although they understand that everyone has their own views, they were not allowed to voice them, but were to direct people to the official sources.

The hospital workers are being told not to share or offer their opinion on social media and that action may be taken against people that do.

They are effectively saying, “We know you have an opinion, but you’re only allowed to voice your opinion if it agrees with ours, basically what that’s saying,” the nurse said. Thankfully she has found a platform to voice her opinion and experience.

The nurse said that people should do their research “There’s a lot of information out there, they’ve obviously chosen not to read it, people have gone along with the propaganda….people should have done a lot more research

Thank you to both Danny Tommo and the anonymous nurse for sharing this truthful, important information.



Omar Zaid

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