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Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

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According to eminent British intelligence historian, Donald McCormack—writing under his nom de plume, Richard Deacon, in The Israeli Secret Service—there is sound evidence supplied by the late and highly respected journalist, Stewart Alsop, that JFK planned to strike China's nuclear bomb program. This scheme was scuttled by Lyndon Johnson within a month of JFK's assassination. During this same period, Israel and Red China were involved in secret nuclear bomb research.¹

We now know that a key player in the Permindex web — billionaire Israeli industrialist, Shaul Eisenberg — was Mossad's liaison officer for China. Together, they enabled massive weapons transfers between Israel and China. These came to public attention in the 1980s and 90’s.² An Israeli writer observed the following:

Despite the number of reports over the years that Israel was illicitly profiting from US technology at the cost of American companies and US security, Washington continued providing ever-increasing amounts of technology to Israel. According to a report in 1992, there were 322 separate cooperative US–Israeli ventures valued at $2.9 billion. In addition, there were 49 country-to-country programs involving Israel in co-develop- ment or co-production and research, and there existed 36 active data exchange agreements, and 11 new proposed accords. The report concluded: “The magnitude of existing cooperative efforts with Israel is extensive and growing rapidly. Despite this magnitude, in 1993 President Clinton promised to lift the "technological barrier" by granting Israel even more sophisticated technology.³

On Oct. 12, 1993, the CIA added its weight to the controversy by revealing to the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee that Israel had been selling advanced military technology to China for more than a decade.⁴ CIA Director, RJ Woolsey, estimated the trade "may be several billion dollars. Building on a long history of close defence industrial relations, including: China's next-generation fighter; air-to-air missiles; tank programs; and the establishment of diplomatic relations in January 1992; China and Israel appear to be moving toward formalizing and broadening their military technical cooperation.⁵1

Henry Kissinger later and privately expressed much satisfaction with the thought of having friendly Israel as a nuclear ally. — Israel selling China military technology, CIA chief asserts- NYT2

Congress calls for sanctions if Israeli technology transfer to China is proven- Washington report on Middle East affairs3

U.S. Had to Wage Long Battle Against Israel's Technology Transfers to China- Washington report on Middle East affairs4

China’s J10 stealth fighter – National Interest5

Michael R. Gordon, New York Times, 10/13/93

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